Bagna cauda

Recommended with: WALNUT OIL



200g salted anchovies
6 garlic cloves
350ml extra virgin olive oil
50ml walnut oil
100g butter


Desalinate the anchovies, discard tails and fishbones, then wash them. Peel the garlic and slice thinly the cloves. Put them in a terracotta pot, pour half quantity of the oil and the butter. Put the casserole on a very low flame and, while stirring with a wooden spoon, brown the garlic, but don’t let it darken. When the garlic has melted and you’ve obtained a creamy consistency, combine the cleaned anchovies and the remaining oil. Continue cooking on a low flame and stir until the anchovies, too, have melted. It is important not to let the oil sizzle or smoke, the ingredients of bagna cauda must melt, not fry. When you obtain a smooth sauce, the bagna cauda is ready. Serve it with vegetables, pouring it into the traditional burner with a small lamp to keep it warm; again, be careful to not let it fry.